How to Achieve Success with Content Marketing


Because of the pandemic, it’s creating an ongoing and significant impact on online marketing. Today, many brands are going through lean phases, meaning they are aware that their target audiences aren’t interested or will engage with offers and calls to action.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any marketing tips made for pandemics and situations like this. After […]

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Empowering Girls in Computer Science


Photo Source “That’s just for boys!” is a common remark heard among young girls. In fact, my younger sister recently made that comment to me when I asked her if she played a certain videogame. While the context might be innocent or inane, it’s alarming how many things are deemed to be “for boys” when, […]

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30-Day Self-Care Challenge + Printables


The current pandemic has caused many to experience heightened stress and anxiety. Many of us are staying in our homes a lot more, worried about taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Our friends over at Everlywell wanted to help and created this 30-day self-care challenge that encourages mental health and well-being.  Every day […]

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5 Effective Ideas to Build A Successful Employee Recognition Program


  It’s no secret that many of the world’s most successful organizations take advantage of the positive result in employee recognition programs. TINYpulse has listed Walt Disney, Groupon, Motley Fool, and Zappos as 4 Companies That Have Nailed Their Employee Recognition Strategy.   When recognition programs are used correctly, they can improve employee morale, enrich […]

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Prioritizing Female Leadership Right Now is the Sign of an Enlightened Business


Rebecca Hourston, Managing Director, Global Head of Women’s Leadership Programs, Talking Talent We kept wishing the world would change. Almost overnight, the wish has been granted – only not quite in the way we’d imagined. Watching the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across the globe, forcibly shunting individuals, businesses, and entire economies into behavior they’d never imagined possible, has […]

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